These quick tips will help you get along with your braces




Proper brushing is an essential part of treatment. Not only does one want to avoid puffy gums, cavities, and white spots on their teeth, treatment moves much more quickly and leads to a better result when the teeth and gums are healthy. This is why we, as an office, have invested in providing our patients with the Oral B Essential Orthodontic toothbrush kit. This kit includes everything you will need to be an excellent brusher.

The Oral b power toothbrush is the ferrari of electric powered sonic toothbrushes. This kit, includes multiple heads, sonic action cleaning power brush, and a blue tooth timer.

The bluetooth timer connects to the brush and tells you where you should brush, how long you should be brushing in an area, and if you brush too hard it sends an alert. We will also provide dental floss, travel toothbrush, toothpaste, and a variety of aids to help the patient achieve spectacular oral hygiene.

Our staff will go over every aspect on how to care for your braces, including brushing, following the placement of your braces. In case you forgot, you can review any of our instruction by viewing the videos below: