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Treatment FAQ

We see you use Damon braces but aren't all the braces the same?

We feel Damon braces are the next evolution in what orthodontists have to offer the patients in terms of braces. The way the braces are engineered we are able to eliminate the color ties and use high tech arch wires to move teeth with a very gentle force making treatment more efficient, hygienic, and comfortable.

What do you mean I don't need the colors?

By using Damon braces we get rid of the color ties that hold the wire to the brace. The color ties are made out of latex and absorb all the food/drink that the patient consumes. Then it lays on the front surface of the teeth acting as a trap for the bacteria that cause cavities and gum disease. For those patients who absolutely have to have them and their oral hygiene is impeccable we can use them for decorative purpose. We guarantee that after having them for a month you won't want them anymore.

If the braces are Damon braces, what is Insignia?

Insignia is a software program and manufacturing process that allows us to provide customized braces and treatment for every patient. The days of taking braces out of a box and everyone getting the same type of brace are over. We are now able to treat your case on the computer before we ever put a brace on in your mouth. Using this process, we then manufacture braces specific for each patient depending on what type of tooth movement we need. Check out our insignia section and youtube videos to see it in action. We think its pretty neat

I am an adult, is too late to have braces?

Its never too late. We have a wide age range of patients in braces and with multiple esthetic appliances out there wearing braces is more discrete than ever. The adult patient population ofour practice is growing considerably each year due to more esthetic and quicker treatment than ever before.

I want want Invisalign, am I a candidate for it?

Invisalign is a great treatment choice for a lot of patients but it may have some limiatations in achieving certain type of tooth movements. Depending on the severity of your case, Invisalign may be a good option. Call for your complimentary examination appointment and the doctors can discuss all all your options.

How long is my treatment going to be?

Every case is different based on a variety of factors including, growth, severity and cooperation. Some cases finish very efficiently in under 15 months but others may take longer. We are more interested in doing the best job we can versus doing it the quickest.

What type of x ray machine do you use?

We are pleased to provide our 3D imaging experience with ICAT Vision. This allows us to take just one x­ray and visualize your jaw, teeth, bite, sinuses, and airway in all three dimensions. These images are reconstructed with amazing precision which allow us to diagnosis and treatment plan with more accuracy than traditional 2D films

I am concerned about radiation, do I have to have the xray?

Our goal is to keep the radiation exposure to our patients as low as possible throughout treatment. This is why we have invested in an ICAT machine, which allows us to replace our multiple xrays with one scan. This new machine which gives us the ability reconstruct more accurate multiple images from the one scan than we could with older digital and film machines. FYI. The exposure from one ICAT scan is equal to amount of radiation one receives from natural occurring radiation over three days.


How much do braces cost?

At Ollins Orthodontics, the first appointment is always complementary. Feel free to make the examination appointment and the doctors will evaluate you or your child’s teeth and discuss the best course of action at no charge. If the patient is ready to start treatment we would be able to provide you with an estimate of the cost of treatment which is based on the severity, length, and type of treatment that is necessary.

Is there a charge for the first appointment?

No charge

Really no charge, even if you take a x­ray?

Seriously, no charge for the first appointment. If you require a 3D scan to help us make a decision there will be no charge for the scan.

What does cost of braces include?

Most of the time, we are able to provide you with one fee that covers everything from your records, consultation, treatment including our Oral B Professional Toothbrush and hygiene kit, retainers, and all your retainers visits up until we can evaluate your wisdom teeth.

What doesn't it include?

It includes everything start to finish done within our office. The only thing it may not include is if you lose, break, or your dog eats your retainer

Does insurance cover the cost of braces?

If you have dental insurance, it may provide a orthodontic benefit for you or your child. Please bring in your insurance information and we would be more than happy to help you navigate the insurance maze and get you accurate information.

You are not in my network, can I still have treatment?

Absolutely. Most of the time the in or out of network may be a similar amount. Our staff can call your insurance company and will provide you with your benefit information. Let us tell you about our office and we are sure its worth your time to come in for a complementary examination.

Do you have payment plans?

Orthodontics is done over a period of time which allows us to flexible with our payment schedule. We offer a wide variety of payment plans, at 0% interest, to our patients that allow our patients to pay small monthly payments over the course of your treatment.

Do you accept credit cards?

We accept cash, check, or credit cards. We definitely understand credit card rewards are nice and are happy to accept a wide variety cards. Some families like to be billed automatically each month which we are happy to do so for them.