Keep Your New Smile Looking Beautiful

Once you finish your treatment, retainers are an essential part of maintaining your beautiful Ollins Ortho smile. Unfortunately, teeth can move and shift over time if you don't wear your retainer on a nightly basis (at least) indefinitely.

The amount your teeth can shift can vary from patient to patient, which is why all orthodontists recommend retainers.

When it comes to choices for retainers, we believe in fixed retainers in addition to traditional removable retainers. Removable retainers are ones that you can remove which may lead to compliance issues over time. Fixed retainers are thin metal bars that are cemented behind the lower front six teeth and upper front four teeth that help maintain the alignment of the teeth.

Most orthodontic offices only provide removable retainers for their patients. However, it's quite common for most patients to stop wearing their retainers and changes to their smiles can occur.

We've been using a combination of both fixed and removable retainers since 1979 and we've found this combination to be the most successful long-term solution to maintaining your beautiful new smile.