Get Comfortable & Efficient Treatment

All orthodontic treatment isn't the same. See how we use the latest technology to create outstanding smiles in an efficient time frame. 


Say goodbye to the gooey impressions of the past. We use digital dental molding through an iTero scan.

We scan your teeth with a small, handheld wand. This uses a digital camera that takes thousands of laser photographs that create a 3-D dental model of your teeth.

smiling child patients

Pitts 21 Braces

We use the Pitts 21 self-litigating braces system to give you a comfortable and efficient treatment. These braces give us control quickly to move your teeth more efficiently.

We've seen these braces give our patients beautiful results in shorter treatment times.

Pitts 21 brackets


When we feel we can accomplish as great a result as braces, we use Invisalign as an alternative. We won't use Invisalign if we feel that we can achieve a superior result with other types of treatments.

Your first exam is on us, so make an appointment to see if Invisalign is an option for you.

Invisalign is a series of clear aligners that are manufactured based on computer-predicted tooth movements. Each aligner tray is worn for a period of two weeks and the number of trays can range from 10-30 trays depending on each case.

There's always an opportunity to receive more trays if the tooth movement predicted on the computer doesn't correspond to the way your teeth actually move.


Our i-CAT cone beam X-ray machine (CBCT), gives us a 3D look into your jaw, teeth, sinuses and bite. The doctors use these accurate and undistorted views to diagnose and plan your treatment with a greater amount of precision than with films from a traditional 2D X-ray machine.

The scan allows us to visualize any abnormalities in tooth eruption, tooth formation, and tooth position with unparalleled accuracy. The views of the patient go beyond just the teeth but provide views of the patient’s airways, sinuses, and temporomandibular joints (TMJ).

icat bottom scan
full icat scan

X-Rays & Your Safety

At Ollins Orthodontics, we're committed to providing you with the best treatment with the lowest amount of radiation exposure possible. Dental X-rays are a necessary part of your treatment to help us diagnose and plan your case to the best of our ability.

In just 4.8 seconds from one cone beam scan, we compile a more accurate picture than we could with multiple digital X-rays with an equal amount of exposure. In fact, you're exposed to the same amount of radiation from one scan as just walking around during a three day period.