Welcome to Our Office

Step 01

Your Complimentary Examination

Let's Take a Look

The examination is your first appointment at Ollins Orthodontics and allows Drs. Bruce and Gabe Ollins and the staff to introduce themselves to you for the first time. Your first appointment is on us and you won't be charged.

The doctors will do a thorough examination of your teeth and your bite. If necessary, we'll take a 3D X-ray of your jaws and teeth to help make a proper decision on the course of your treatment. Using this scan we can see any future problems with eruption of teeth, jaw relationships, and overall health of your teeth.

With the 3D X-ray, we can make a decision to whether orthodontic treatment will be beneficial to you and when it'd be best to start. We'll also talk about an estimated treatment fee will be discussed.

If you're not ready for treatment, we'll place you in our recall system and we'll reach out when the timing's appropriate. If you're ready to start your smile journey, we'll get a full set of orthodontic records.

Don’t forget to fill out your new patient paperwork!

Step 02


Let's Gather Your Information

Once you're ready to start your orthodontic treatment, we'll need a full set of orthodontic records. We can gather these during your first exam, or you can schedule another appointment later.

The records help our doctors to get all the information they need to make a full diagnosis and custom treatment plan for you. The records include a 3D scan, a full set of photographs, and a digital model of your teeth.

In most cases, we don't need to take the impressions of the teeth that most patients fondly remember. We'll use our intra-oral scanner to recreate your teeth on the computer and make custom braces and appliances using those models.

After your records appointment, if you decide not to continue with treatment, there will be a fee for this appointment, otherwise, its included in your overall treatment cost. Once we gather your records, you're on to your consultation appointment.

Step 03


Let's Talk About It

Your consultation appointment is a chance for you, your family, and doctors to sit down and talk about orthodontics. This appointment is always done with the doctors to discuss every aspect of treatment from the plan and length of treatment, cost, and what life is like with braces.

We show you all the information we obtained at your records appointment and our thought process in deciding the best course of action for your treatment.

We can show you what your teeth will look like when we will be done using our computerized software and custom braces. Sometimes we may even go off topic for a little bit and talk about our families, sports, school, and life in general.

Step 04

Financial Information

Get a Down Payment as Low as $250

You get one fee that covers all your treatment. There are no extras, add-ons, or hidden fees.

Your fee covers records, treatment, retainers, and follow up retainer visits until decisions can be made about third molars or wisdom teeth.

Our fees are competitive and also give you the highest level of care and cutting-edge treatment.

Braces are more affordable than ever because we spread your fee over the course of your entire treatment and schedule monthly payments at no interest.

We're always flexible and can offer a wide variety of payment plans and payment options that make orthodontic treatment very affordable for you and your family.