After a few months or years of orthodontic treatment, your smile will finally be perfect! But it’s important to remember that braces don’t work miracles – you still have to take care of your teeth once they come off. At Ollins Orthodontics, we’ve helped hundreds of clients achieve their dream smiles. However, we always ensure they understand their part in maintaining that perfect smile once their braces are removed.

Here are four tips that we give all our clients for keeping their smiles looking great after braces:

Double down on your oral hygiene

Just because your braces are coming off doesn’t mean you can start slacking on your brushing, flossing, and rinsing routine! Dr. Bruce and Dr. Gabriel Ollins strongly encourage all their orthodontic patients to brush at least twice a day and floss at night before bed to keep those pearly whites as beautiful as the day you got your braces off. In addition, a diligent oral hygiene routine will keep your smile bright for years.

Eat and drink mindfully

With your teeth finally free, you’re probably planning on buying all the chewy snacks and sugary drinks you couldn’t have while wearing braces. We get it. However, while your teeth are now strong and healthy, they are also more susceptible to staining. In addition, certain foods and drinks, like coffee and red wine, can cause discoloration. At Ollins Orthodontics, we recommend brushing your teeth after every meal and avoiding refined sugar as much as possible to keep your smile looking its best.

In addition, your teeth might be a little more sensitive than usual. Avoid overly hot and cold foods and beverages to avoid discomfort for the first few days or weeks.

Don’t forget your retainer

While it may seem like a hassle, wearing a retainer is essential for ensuring that your teeth retain their new alignment. Without a retainer, the teeth can gradually shift back to their original position—and you wouldn’t want to lose all the hard work you’ve done, would you? In some cases, this may even cause the braces to be reapplied. Wearing a retainer also helps to reduce the risk of gum disease and tooth decay. Keeping the teeth in place allows the gums to stay healthy and free of plaque buildup.

At Ollins Orthodontics, we use a combination of removable and fixed retainers to keep smiles looking perfect for longer. After using this method for over 40 years, we have found it to be the most effective long-term solution for keeping that smile bright!

Schedule Regular Visits

Once your braces are finally removed, it can be tempting to feel like you’re “done”. However, it’s essential to keep up with regular visits to your orthodontist even after your braces come off. Your orthodontist will check to ensure your teeth are aligned properly and that your bite is healthy. They can also spot potential problems early on and help you address them before they become serious.

How to Keep Your Smile Perfect After Braces

Take Good Care of Your New Smile With Ollins Orthodontics

With over 50 years of experience providing orthodontic treatments to their community, Dr. Bruce and Dr. Gabriel Ollins are ready to walk you through your orthodontic journey. With Ollins Orthodontics, you can expect premium care and some of the best tips and tricks to maintain your gorgeous new smile for life!