Metal braces are a widely known and effective way of straightening a teenager’s teeth! There have been updates to braces, including the introduction of ceramic braces, over the years, but did you know there is another way to adjust your teen’s smile? 

At Ollins Orthodontics, we are proud providers of clear aligners with Invisalign for Teens! Clear aligners are transparent trays that straighten the teeth over a period of time by applying pressure, just like braces! Traditional braces still have their benefits, but we’re excited to explore some advantages of clear aligners for teens with you. 


All Invisalign aligners, no matter the patient’s age, are custom-made! Using X-rays and images of your mouth, Dr. Bruce Ollins or Dr. Gabriel Ollins will take a comprehensive and detailed look at your jaw alignment, teeth, and gums. These images allow Dr. Ollins a chance to spot potential complications before treatment begins! Fewer complications mean a more enjoyable experience for your teen!

The pictures will then be used to make a 3D depiction of your teen’s mouth which we will use to plan your teen’s orthodontic journey accurately and efficiently. You and your teen will even have the opportunity to see a representation of the predicted final look of their smile! Seeing what they’re working toward is a great motivator for your teen to wear the trays!

Lastly, Dr. Bruce Ollins or Dr. Gabriel Ollins will have your teen’s first series of trays made. The trays will be worn for one to two weeks before your teen moves on to the next trays in the set. Your teen can make this switch in seconds at home — perfect for on-the-go families!


Clear aligners are removable! While your teen must remember to wear their aligners for twenty to twenty-two hours a day, their removable feature has plenty of benefits!

  • No food restrictions! – Your teen can stick to their regular diet! Clear aligners need to be removed to eat or drink anything other than water, so they can eat whatever they like (with proper oral hygiene, of course).
  • No new routine! – There is no oral hygiene routine to learn or tools to carry around to use after meals. Your teen just needs to remove the aligners to floss and brush like normal.
  • Special Occasions! – School picture day? Prom night? The big concert or game? Their aunt’s wedding? The aligners can be removed for special occasions if necessary! We must stress that every moment is precious, but the aligners should only be removed for those extra special times.

Less Maintenance!

Aligning trays straightens the teeth without much change to your teen’s lifestyle or routine. In fact, cleaning their mouth and aligners only takes a few minutes, and it’s easy!

To clean their aligners, your teen simply runs them under lukewarm water and gently brush them with a toothbrush separate from the one used to brush their teeth. They should allow the trays to dry completely before placing them back in the mouth. This should be done twice a day with their normal routine.

Extra! Extra!

  • Don’t use toothpaste on your aligners! The paste can be too harsh and cause scratches to its surface. The damage can make the aligners uncomfortable and more visible when worn.
  • After every meal, rinse the mouth water. This will help remove any leftover residue that could stain the teeth and trays. This will lower the aligners’ risk of losing their transparent appearance.
  • When not wearing the aligners, your teen should put them in their protective carrying case! The case safeguards them from any harm and makes them harder to lose.
  • If the trays need deeper cleaning, consider Invisalign Cleaning Crystals. Before using any product on your aligners, ask Dr. Ollins if they are safe to use!

Keeping the aligners clean is essential not only to their appearance but to your teen’s health and the success of their treatment. Unclean trays can harbor bacteria and plaque that lead to infections and could result in an unhealthy mouth at the end of treatment. This bacteria can also make the trays and the user’s breath smell and taste unpleasant. Smelly trays discourage daily wear, which could slow down the alignment process.

Invisalign is practically “Invis-a-ble”!

At Ollins Orthodontics, we believe there should not be any shame or embarrassment in anyone’s orthodontic journey, and we will always encourage your child to be confident before, during, and after treatment. At the same time, we understand that some patients might be discouraged from pursuing their dream smile because they don’t like the look of traditional braces. Clear aligners offer a practically “invisible” alternative to metal braces! Their custom fit lets them sit snugly against the teeth, and most people won’t even know your teen is wearing them! While wearing aligners, your teen is more likely to smile and participate in their regular activities as they did before beginning treatment.

The Invisalign Difference.

Invisalign for Teens is very similar to Invisalign for adults; however, there are a few key differences that make them perfect for teens and their families!

  • The Compliant Dot – Invisalign for Teens comes with a small blue dot on the back of the tray that turns either white or blue. Saliva changes the dot’s color over time, so you can be sure your teen is wearing them as instructed. 
  • Replacement Trays – Are you worried your teen might lose or damage the aligners? No need! Dr. Bruce Ollins and Dr. Gabriel Ollins are no strangers to lost retainers – Dr. Garbiel lost six when he was a patient – and are thrilled to say that Invisalign for Teens comes with a limited number of replacement trays! While we still push your teen to care for their appliances properly, we are happy to say that the worst part of needing a replacement is waiting for a new tray! Adjustments to the treatment plan can be made if necessary.
  • Eruption Tabs – Is your teen waiting for all their adult teeth to come in before they begin treatment? There’s no need! Invisalign for Teens now offers the option of eruption tabs, which are spots in the aligners that allow for teeth to “erupt” or grow without preventing or disrupting the orthodontic treatment.
Clear Aligners for Teens

From Our Family To Yours

Ollins Orthodontics is a proud father-son orthodontic duo that treats every patient like a member of the family! We use modern technology and up-to-date information to comfortably and quickly give patients fantastic results.

Clear aligners might not be the best choice for everyone. Schedule a free in-person or virtual consultation today to find out if your teen is qualified for clear aligners! We look forward to providing you and your family with excellent care.