One of the best parts about our job, aside from witnessing our patient’s faces light up with a stunning smile, is connecting to our local community. We see our patients as so much more than just people who come into the office from time to time. We see them as friends and family who are a part of the same community as us! 

As a family-owned business, we are so grateful for our patients who trust us with their oral health and make our business possible. Unfortunately, we’ve noticed a trend recently of people trying to cut corners with their orthodontic treatment, or just wanting to save a little money by ordering their orthodontics online. We disagree with that concept for a few reasons, and we’ll share them below!

Choose Your Treatment

When you order orthodontics online, there’s basically one option–clear aligners. Now don’t get us wrong, this is a great treatment choice for many people, but it’s only one out of many options that might be equally good, or even necessary depending on your oral health needs. Some people who have severe bite problems or challenging teeth configurations can’t safely shift their smile with aligners and should opt for another option instead. 

Learn about a few of the choices that Dr. Bruce and Gabriel Ollins provide at their office!

Metal Braces

Now we know that metal braces aren’t the right choice for everyone, but don’t dismiss them too quickly! Braces have been the most effective tool for shifting and supporting dental alignment for many, many years. Almost anyone could have great results from using braces, especially those who don’t mind a bit of metal in their grin. Braces are typically the most affordable, convenient, and quick treatments out there, and many patients prefer them to other choices.

Ceramic Braces

Clear braces made from tooth-colored ceramic provide all the same tooth-shifting force as regular braces in a more discreet package. This option is great for those who need to wear braces but would rather do so without making it quite so obvious. Be prepared to keep these braces even cleaner to prevent staining, but aside from due diligence, almost anyone would have a great orthodontic experience with these.

Clear Aligners

Yes, clear aligners are super popular now, and for good reason. Even though you can order them from an online retailer, we recommend going to a local orthodontist’s office to have your Invisalign treatment. This means that Dr. Ollins will be able to observe your progress and ensure that everything is shifting safely. If you simply wear aligners that have been shipped to you by manufacturers instead of orthodontists, there really is no guarantee of the outcome!

Personalized Financing

Right now, with so much in flux with the economy following the pandemic, it’s more important than ever to invest in the things that really matter, like your health. Thankfully, as a local business, we are able to work with you face-to-face to figure out a payment plan that actually works for you and your family. We aren’t a faceless entity demanding payment immediately, we provide financing options that are custom to each person. 

You Can Focus on Cosmetic and Your Health

If you are someone who is eager to start orthodontic treatment in order to have a straight smile, you aren’t alone. Many people are looking for orthodontic options to improve the appearance of their teeth and boost their confidence! Just because you are in it for cosmetic reasons, doesn’t mean you should ignore the health aspects! When overseen by a board-certified orthodontist, your treatment will result in stunning results that will help your teeth stay strong and healthy for a lifetime!

Enjoy Our Convenient Location

We have heard some people say that they would prefer to order everything online instead of coming into a business. We get that, especially over the last few years as more things have shifted toward home comforts. But we think it’s worth it to make the short drive to our office for a few reasons! 

First, you’ll get to know our staff at a personal level and connect and build relationships you can trust. You will also be in a place filled with all of the support tools that are needed to provide an excellent treatment plan. Coming into our office will ensure that things are clean, sterile, and that you are on track with your treatment! It’s totally worth the short drive to our convenient location in Nutley. 

Support a Local Business

Last but not least, we think there’s something special about getting to know our neighbors and actually supporting the local businesses that keep our community strong. When you are a patient with Ollins Orthodontics, you help boost the local economy and keep the business open to more patients who need our expertise in order to have happier healthier lives. It’s a win all around!

The Benefits of Seeing an Orthodontist In Your Local Community

Join Our Community at Ollins Orthodontics

The best time to get started on your own orthodontic treatment is right now! We offer free consultation appointments to new patients, so it’s no cost to you to get started and see what options are out there. You’ll have a chance to meet with the doctors, the hygienists, and the staff who will be caring for you, and get excited about the beautifully straight teeth that are to come. Let’s plan to get you into our office for a visit soon!